Angie (icequeen3101) wrote in fandom_obsessed,

Angie's stuff #47: Juliet Burke Moodtheme

It's finally finished!
I started this before there was a Juliet Moodtheme, but then several popped up...
and I was stuck in the middle.
But I didn't want to give up, so...
After more than a year my moodtheme is finally finished *loool*
I cannot imagine how long this would have taken if I'd have tried to make an animated moodtheme XD

In case you like what you see and download it...
Pleeeeaaaase leave me a comment.
It took me forever to finish it, and it'd be nice to know who else likes it ;)

(click on the image for full preview)
I've used Caps from all seasons and all episodes.
Even from the finale "The Incident", so it may be spoilery if you click before having seen the S5 finale!!

Download Link:
(admin console codes included)
In case the link won't work anymore... don't hesitate to ask for a re-upload!! :]

How to install for paid & plus accounts
(Note for Basic account users: you can switch back to a basic account after you uploaded the mood theme to plus, livejournal will use the last applied theme)

Please comment and credit.
Like I mentioned before... this took forever, and I'd just love to know if anybody (besides myself) uses this ^___^

Credit where Credit is due,
Most Caps are my own, the rest is from Lost-Media, and special thanks to pengyn for the "silly" mood picture, it's technically Lizzie, but do you have ANY idea how hard it was to find all the happy Juliet moods?? XD

and another special thanks to subtle__sarcasm, because she was always there for me when I had a mood I wanted to show someone or I was annoyed in general with this mood.
Without her? I probably would have given up sooner or later *squish**squish**doubel squish*
Tags: !icequeen3101, other: moodthemes, tv: lost
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